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Global Family Leader Succession Program
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Message from Senior Advisor

The characteristics of family businesses vary across cultures. Our Center is the earliest research center in the world focusing on Asian family businesses. The Global Family Leader Succession Program is a module-based customized program for Asian family business owners which discusses successes, failures, opportunities, and challenges on sustaining the family business, and achieving the “Three Preservations” for the family: preservation of family wealth, preservation of family harmony, and preservation of family value and legacy. We sincerely welcome interested families to join, and multi generations in the same family are highly recommended.

Prof. Roger KING

Message from Director

Thanks to the continous support of our HKUST Business School, the former donor Tanoto Foundation and the permanent donor the King family, the center has been fully dedicated to the down-to-earth research and training of Asian especially Chinese family businesses and family offices for a long time. Based on our original research and case studies, this program will take you on a truly unique and fulfilling learning journey.

Prof. Winnie Qian PENG

Program Overview

Family businesses are the most pervasive form of business worldwide. In Europe, histories of family businesses and their influences transcend centuries; in the United States, 35% of listed firms in the Standard & Poor's 500 are family-owned; here in Hong Kong, nearly 70% of listed firms are family-owned, while over 60% of GDP in Mainland China is contributed by family businesses, and their speed of wealth creation has surpassed other parts of the world in recent years. Despite of their significance in Asia, few business schools do research and teaching related to this subject, due to its secretiveness and multi-disciplinary nature.

Family businesses are complex, which arises primarily out of the different overlaps in roles of ownership, management and family and the potential conflict related to these different roles. For successful leadership of family businesses, it is important to understand the complexity and respond to it constructively.

The Global Family Leader Succession Program consist of three independent programs, spanning three months, addressing crucial aspects of family business dynamics.

Program 1: Tradition and Modernization of Family Business

Program 2: Family Governance and Succession Planning

Program 3: Family Business to Family Office

Drawing key concepts and tools of analysis from leadership, management, finance, entrepreneurship, social science, and psychology literature, these programs offer unique opportunities to apply them in the context of family business. The programs are highly application oriented and draws heavily on the faculty members’ original research, case studies, and active interactions with family business owners in Asia.

Who Should Attend

Ethnic Chinese family business owners and their family members with at least 3 years of working experience from Hong Kong, Mainland China, Macao, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, etc.

Other ethnic family business owners and their family members that are doing business in Asia or interested in understanding Asian especially Chinese family businesses.

To maximize the learning benefits, we encourage two or more participants from different generations to join the program reflecting multi-generations and gender diversity.

Program Dates

The Global Family Leader Succession Program consists of three independent programs between October to December 2023:

Program 1: Tradition and Modernization of Family Business (Postponed to 2024)

Program 2: Family Governance and Succession Planning (Dec 7-9,2023)

Program 3: From Family Business to Family Office (Postponed to 2024)

Program Language

This program is taught in both English and Chinese with simultaneous translation.

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