Selected Publications


Practical Research

- HKUST & EY Joint Report on “Landscape of Family Offices in Greater China Report”, March 2024

- White Paper “Family Enterprise Global Survey on Generational Perspectives: Current and next-generation family business owners aren´t so different after all”, a joint survey study with a group of 12 members comprising academics, analysts and consultants from six institutions: ESE Business School at Universidad de los Andes (Chile); ESADE Business School (Spain); Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University (United States); Tecnológico de Monterrey (México); The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (China); and Lansberg & Gersick and Associates, a leading consulting firm from USA and Spain, sponsored by Julius Baer, the international reference of wealth management, December 2021   

- Industry research report in collaboration with Asia Business Council: "Extraordinary Endeavors in Turbulent Times: Asian Innovation, Inclusion, and Impact during COVID-19", including 8 feature case companies headquartered in different regions in Asia: Ayala Corp (Philippines), Fubon Group (Taiwan), Temasek (Singapore), Esquel Group (Hong Kong), Lenovo Group (Mainland China), DatVietVAC Group Holdings (Vietnam), and Lotte Group (South Korea), Winnie Peng, Pauline Yeung, Colleen Howe, Chun Hei Hung, Theodore Chow, March 2021

- Special Issue on "Defining the Family Office Landscape" of Biz@HKUST (Issue 62), including 5 research related articles and 5 case articles featuring Dr. Hans Michael Jebsen, Dr. Vincent Lo, Mr. Sukanto Tanoto, Mr. Ronnie Chan, and Mr. Lawrence Chan, Roger King and Winnie Peng, Spring 2020

- Special Issue on "Shaping the Future of Chinese Family Businesses" of Biz@HKUST (Issue 55), including the Harilela case study, Roger King and Winnie Peng, Autumn 2017 


Case Studies

- on family businesses and family offices: new cases or case updates on Li & Fung, Sun Hing, Wanda, Crown Worldwide, and a series of family offices 


Column Articles

Hong Kong Economic Times

- Talent Retention of Family Offices, Winnie Peng, May 2022

- Professionalization of Family Offices, Winnie Peng, May 2022

- Conflict Resolution in Multi-Family Office, Winnie Peng, April 2022

- SPAC and Family Offices in Hong Kong, Winnie Peng, March 2022 

- Succession of Publicly-listed Family Enterprises, Winnie Peng, March 2022

- Social Impacts of Family Offices in Turbulent Times, Winnie Peng, March 2022

- 4 New Trends in Family Offices, Winnie Peng, January 2022

- Impact Investing and Wealth Building, Winnie Peng, December 2021

- Impact Investing and Family Offices, Winnie Peng, December 2021

- Three Preservations in Family Business, Winnie Peng, September 2021

- Features of a Family Office, Winnie Peng, August 2021

- The Nature of a Multi-Family Office, Winnie Peng, July 2021

- New Wealth in Philanthropy Contributed by Global IT Giants, Winne Peng, June 2021

- New Wealth in China, Winnie Peng, May 2021

- Family Education in Family Business, Winnie Peng, April 2021

- Richest People List: Trends and Sources of Wealth, Winnie Peng, March 2021

- Hong Kong's Role in Family Office Expansion, Winnie Peng, January 2021

- The Edge of Hong Kong as an International Wealth Management Hub, Winnie Peng, December 2020

- The Obstacles of Becoming a Century-old Firm, Winnie Peng, November 2020

- The Myth of Building a Century-old Firm, Winnie Peng, November 2020

- Ownership Pruning for Century-old Family Businesses, Winnie Peng, September 2020

- Listing and Delisting Strategy for Family Business, Winnie Peng, August 2020

- New Direction in Family Philanthropy Under Covid-19, Winnie Peng, July 2020

- Reducing Loss in the Pandemic: Wisdom of Family Offices, Winnie Peng, June 2020 

- Family Business During Covid-10: Turning Risks into Opportunities, Winnie Peng, June 2020 

- The New Approach of Risk Management in Family Office, Winnie Peng, April 2020 

- Differences between Family Office and Private Equity Funds, Winnie Peng, March 2020

- The New Wealth Trend in Family Office, Winnie Peng, February 2020

- Multi-Family Offices and Asset Management Companies, Winnie Peng, December 2019

- Hong Kong as an Ideal Hub for Family Offices, Winnie Peng, November 2019 


Chinese Family Business Review 

- Family Education and Legacy Succession, June 2021

- Family Office vs. Private Equity, Winnie Peng, October 2020 

- The Role of Family Philanthropy in Family Office, Winnie Peng, September 2020 

- New Wealth vs. Old Wealth of Asian family offices, Winnie Peng, July 2020 

- The Role of Risk Management in Family Office, Winnie Peng, May 2020

- Differentiating Multi-Family Offices from Asset Management Companies, Winnie Peng, April 2020 

- Recent Trends of Asian Family Office, Winnie Peng, March 2020 

- Women in Family Business, Winnie Peng, March 2020 

- Recent Trends of Asian Family Office, Winnie Peng, March 2020


Family Office Times 

- Distinguishing Single Family Office from Others, Winnie Peng, August 2021

- Listing of Family Businesses, July 2021

- Technological Giants and Philanthropy, July 2021

- Five Dimensions of Multi-Family Office Features, July2021 


Hong Kong Economic Journal 

- Differences between Multi-Family Offices and Private Equity, Winnie Peng, March 2020 

- New Money versus Old Money in Family Office, Winnie Peng, February 2020 


Family Office Magazine

- What Chinese Family Businesses Can Learn from Jewish Culture, Roger King and Winnie Peng, May 2020 

- Family Wealth Management, Roger King, December 2019


Media Quotations

Bloomberg Wealth

- Casino Tycoon Stanley Ho’s 17 Kids Find Their Own Paths to Fix Complex Family Ties, 16 February 2022  

- Asia’s Richest Man Looks to Walton Family Playbook on Succession, 23 November 2021 

DBS Bank

- Governance and succession: Family offices and the Chinese diaspora in Asia, 22 September, 2021

South China Morning Post

- How Hong Kong’s family offices can use impact investing to help fight wealth inequality,15 June 2021