Selected Publications


Practical Research

- White Paper “Family Enterprise Global Survey on Generational Perspectives: Current and next-generation family business owners aren´t so different after all”, a joint survey study with a group of 12 members comprising academics, analysts and consultants from six institutions: ESE Business School at Universidad de los Andes (Chile); ESADE Business School (Spain); Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University (United States); Tecnológico de Monterrey (México); The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (China); and Lansberg & Gersick and Associates, a leading consulting firm from USA and Spain, sponsored by Julius Baer, the international reference of wealth management, Winnie Peng, December 2021   

- Industry research report in collaboration with Asia Business Council: "Extraordinary Endeavors in Turbulent Times: Asian Innovation, Inclusion, and Impact during COVID-19", including 8 feature case companies headquartered in different regions in Asia: Ayala Corp (Philippines), Fubon Group (Taiwan), Temasek (Singapore), Esquel Group (Hong Kong), Lenovo Group (Mainland China), DatVietVAC Group Holdings (Vietnam), and Lotte Group (South Korea), Winnie Peng, March 2021

- Special Issue on "Defining the Family Office Landscape" of Biz@HKUST (Issue 62), including 5 research related articles and 5 case articles featuring Dr. Hans Michael Jebsen, Dr. Vincent Lo, Mr. Sukanto Tanoto, Mr. Ronnie Chan, and Mr. Lawrence Chan, Roger King and Winnie Peng, Spring 2020

- Special Issue on "Shaping the Future of Chinese Family Businesses" of Biz@HKUST (Issue 55), including the Harilela case study, Roger King and Winnie Peng, Autumn 2017 


Case Studies

- on family businesses and family offices: new cases or case updates on Li & Fung, Sun Hing, Wanda, Crown Worldwide, and a series of family offices 


Column Articles

Hong Kong Economic Times

- Talent Retention of Family Offices, Winnie Peng, May 2022

- Professionalization of Family Offices, Winnie Peng, May 2022

- Conflict Resolution in Multi-Family Office, Winnie Peng, April 2022

- SPAC and Family Offices in Hong Kong, Winnie Peng, March 2022 

- Succession of Publicly-listed Family Enterprises, Winnie Peng, March 2022

- Social Impacts of Family Offices in Turbulent Times, Winnie Peng, March 2022

- 4 New Trends in Family Offices, Winnie Peng, January 2022

- Impact Investing and Wealth Building, Winnie Peng, December 2021

- Impact Investing and Family Offices, Winnie Peng, December 2021

- Three Preservations in Family Business, Winnie Peng, September 2021

- Features of a Family Office, Winnie Peng, August 2021

- The Nature of a Multi-Family Office, Winnie Peng, July 2021

- New Wealth in Philanthropy Contributed by Global IT Giants, Winne Peng, June 2021

- New Wealth in China, Winnie Peng, May 2021

- Family Education in Family Business, Winnie Peng, April 2021

- Richest People List: Trends and Sources of Wealth, Winnie Peng, March 2021

- Hong Kong's Role in Family Office Expansion, Winnie Peng, January 2021

- The Edge of Hong Kong as an International Wealth Management Hub, Winnie Peng, December 2020

- The Obstacles of Becoming a Century-old Firm, Winnie Peng, November 2020

- The Myth of Building a Century-old Firm, Winnie Peng, November 2020

- Ownership Pruning for Century-old Family Businesses, Winnie Peng, September 2020

- Listing and Delisting Strategy for Family Business, Winnie Peng, August 2020

- New Direction in Family Philanthropy Under Covid-19, Winnie Peng, July 2020

- Reducing Loss in the Pandemic: Wisdom of Family Offices, Winnie Peng, June 2020 

- Family Business During Covid-10: Turning Risks into Opportunities, Winnie Peng, June 2020 

- The New Approach of Risk Management in Family Office, Winnie Peng, April 2020 

- Differences between Family Office and Private Equity Funds, Winnie Peng, March 2020

- The New Wealth Trend in Family Office, Winnie Peng, February 2020

- Multi-Family Offices and Asset Management Companies, Winnie Peng, December 2019

- Hong Kong as an Ideal Hub for Family Offices, Winnie Peng, November 2019 


Chinese Family Business Review 

- Family Education and Legacy Succession, June 2021

- Family Office vs. Private Equity, Winnie Peng, October 2020 

- The Role of Family Philanthropy in Family Office, Winnie Peng, September 2020 

- New Wealth vs. Old Wealth of Asian family offices, Winnie Peng, July 2020 

- The Role of Risk Management in Family Office, Winnie Peng, May 2020

- Differentiating Multi-Family Offices from Asset Management Companies, Winnie Peng, April 2020 

- Recent Trends of Asian Family Office, Winnie Peng, March 2020 

- Women in Family Business, Winnie Peng, March 2020 

- Recent Trends of Asian Family Office, Winnie Peng, March 2020


Family Office Times 

- Distinguishing Single Family Office from Others, Winnie Peng, August 2021

- Listing of Family Businesses, July 2021

- Technological Giants and Philanthropy, July 2021

- Five Dimensions of Multi-Family Office Features, July2021 


Hong Kong Economic Journal 

- Differences between Multi-Family Offices and Private Equity, Winnie Peng, March 2020 

- New Money versus Old Money in Family Office, Winnie Peng, February 2020 


Family Office Magazine

- What Chinese Family Businesses Can Learn from Jewish Culture, Roger King and Winnie Peng, May 2020 

- Family Wealth Management, Roger King, December 2019


Media Quotations

Bloomberg Wealth

- Casino Tycoon Stanley Ho’s 17 Kids Find Their Own Paths to Fix Complex Family Ties, 16 February 2022  

- Asia’s Richest Man Looks to Walton Family Playbook on Succession, 23 November 2021 

DBS Bank

- Governance and succession: Family offices and the Chinese diaspora in Asia, 22 September, 2021

South China Morning Post

- How Hong Kong’s family offices can use impact investing to help fight wealth inequality,15 June 2021