Webinar on Family Business Professionalization and Transformation

Prof. Winnie Peng, Director of the Tanoto Center for Asian Family Business and Entrepreneurship Studies, was invited to the Best Managed Companies (BMC) webinar series hosted by Deloitte for the year 2020.

On behalf of HKUST Business School, Prof. Winnie Peng shared research findings of the Center at the BMC Webinar on Family Business Professionalization and Transformation dated June 24, followed by strategic column article publication of Deloitte’s White Paper on Harvard Business Review (China).

Preceding Prof. Peng’s sharing at the same webinar session included the industry speakers, Mr. Edwin Kwok, business family member of the Wing On Group and Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital, and Mr. Jimmy Jiangming Lu, Chairman of TC Medical, shared how they evolved from traditional services to cater for the conventional and future needs of the community. In response to sharing of the two speakers, Prof. Peng highlighted the implications to family business, that the increasing awareness of health would shape the industry’s future landscape. Prof. Peng shared her foresight of a compelling demand for professional managers and innovative ideas, agility of family businesses to react to technological disruptors. She also remarked family offices would play an increasingly essential role in health management across generations.


7:30pm to 9:30pm